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Snowing in the Bay area again.

All this week we’ve been hearing warnings on the TV weather reports that it was going to turn cold and snow again i nthe Bay Area. Cold I can understand, but snow twice in the space of a month, surely not. I though that happened in England, not the Bay Area in California. We had nothing like this last yea r (was very wet, but no snow).
So this morning I started my commute to the office, and sure enough, on the high hills surrounding highway 680 in the Freemont area, the tops were capped with snow. I can even look out of my office window (yes I have an office with a window) and see the snow in the distance. Take a look at for some local news coverage of this unusual spate of weather.

One response to “Snowing in the Bay area again.

  1. evil little monkey March 10, 2006 at 1:51 pm

    snow!!! shock horror!! lol weve had loads of the stuff!, a well at least its warming up now, though its raining insted.
    hope things are good there,
    love you loads
    gem xxxx

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