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Welcome to my new home

Microsoft in their infinite wisdom have decided to pull the plug on the Windows Live Spaces site that they’ve been running for a number of years, and have given all of their users a chance to move their blog content over to WordPress… so here I am. The stuff on here prior to today’s posts was transferred across from my Microsoft page automatically. It’s old and I’d neglected it badly in the past couple of years, but it gives some context for some of the stuff that I will likely end up posting as I start blogging here. Take it for what it is (or more accurately was).

This will likely become very biased towards my hobby of photography but I’m sure that an occasional rant about the rest of my life will pop up from time to time, and at some stage I’ll post an update to fill in the gaps between my last Windows Live post from 2 years ago and now!

So with all of that said, welcome to my new home.



Welcome to my space…

This will be plain and simple (a bit like me I guess), but I’ll use it to talk about my experiences as I work through an ‘interesting’ relocation from the UK to the USA as a result of a transfer to the headquarters of the company I work for.

By the way, I know at least one of my daughters has an MSN┬áspace out there at Let me say for the record (before she puts anything bad there about me), it’s all lies!

John ‘K’