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Holidays are a time for Jewelry, Books, Pictures, and Candles…

A candle for….., originally uploaded by Images by John ‘K’.

In time for the holidays I’ve teamed up with a small group of national artisans and writers from the east coast in North Carolina to the west coast in California who are taking part in a free (no purchase necessary) holiday give-away.

For your chance to win, check out, and while you are there, see what this emerging candle maker has to offer. You could even win a picture of your choice from my growing collection of images as an 8*10 print, signed, matted, and ready to frame.


Don’t Panic

Don’t…, originally uploaded by Images by John ‘K’.

It’s funny how things you love lodge themselves in your head and shape what you do, often unconsciously.

I’m traveling on business this week, and as always I’ve brought my camera with me even through there are few opportunities to use it during the day. So sat in my hotel room after a fun meal with colleagues yesterday evening I was bored and was looking for something to inspire me to take a photo of. I took the key from my rental car and looked at it and thought a macro shot that fixated on the panic button could be fun, so I attached my 50mm prime F/1.8 lens to my D5000, stuck a magnifying filer on the end of the lens and took the shot.

After a quick play in Photoshop Elements 9 I had the image looking how I wanted and so posted it to Flickr. Job done.

Looking at a few of the comments that people had left on the image this morning, two people thought they could see a sad face in this, and now I look again, I can see it too. It immediately made me think of Marvin, the paranoid android from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I LOVE his work, those books, and am a big fan of the cult TV series based on the books, and sure enough there is a passing resemblance between the “face” in this and Marvin.

Compare for yourselves. Here’s a shot of Marvin, courtesy of the BBC.