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Time to…

13 Seconds, originally uploaded by Images by John ‘K’.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m not one of these bloggers who has something to write every second of every day. In life I’m a very quiet guy and I typically only speak out if either I have something unique to say that I feel is worth listening to, if I sense something is lacking support and needs it, or if I feel something is not heading in the direction (actual or figuratively) that it needs to and I feel my voice might change things.

I also have a day job that keeps me very busy, and a family life that gets enough time taken from it through my work and my hobby already.

All of this means that I struggle to find time to write regular updates for a blog, and I am also somewhat at a loss as to what I should write. My hobby gives me some subject matter for sure, but unlike many bloggers out there I’m not looking to get money from advertising revenue through hits to my site, I’m not a self opinionated loud-mouth who wants to have my view on anything and everything heard, and I’m not out to bad-mouth everything I dislike in this world, and I don’t do self-promotion well.

So…. my blog updates have been infrequent and probably not the most interesting read, but they are a reflection on me. When this was hosted on Windows Live, the tagline was “plain and simple, a bit like me” which is a reflection of the way I live my life, and also of my writing ‘style’. If you want something funny, clever, often updated, opinionated, or controversial, you’ve come to the wrong place. If on the other hand you want plain speaking honesty, and an occasional chance to learn something, then stick around, as over time I hope to find the time to make more frequent updates, and as I get more comfortable about putting stuff out into the “blogosphere” I’ll hopefully get to a point where this becomes something more than a place where I occasionally post something just because I feel I should!

So… time to… try and make plain and simple old me a little less plain and simple!



One of the things I love about photo hosting sites like Flickr is the opportunity to have your photography seen by others – to share your vision of the world and its beauty with other people in the hope that people get the chance to see things they might otherwise not see, and also to inspire others to look a bit more closely at the things around them.

With that in mind, while some people on Flickr hate it when others take their images and post them on blogs, I am honored to have my work chosen by someone else to illustrate a theme or help make a point (so long as the blogger links back to my original post on Flickr). My view of my photography is that it’s a hobby that brings me pleasure, and if that pleasure can be shared with others who also get enjoyment from my images, then that’s just a big bonus – the cherry on top as it were.

I’ve had my work used by a number of non profit groups, many with themes close to my heart for a variety of reasons – if my hobby can help them, I’m more than happy to play a small part. It’s rewarding and gratifying to have my images used in this way, but at the end of the day I know they’re looking to do something on a low budget and the fact that I’m happy to have them use my images or nothing more than a name credit probably plays a large part in their selection criteria.

Where I start to feel a little humbled though (because I don’t think my stuff is that good) is where people have included one of my photos in a “best of” blog collection. Typically the only way I see this has happened is when all of a sudden my Flickr usage stats show an image I posted some time ago has started to attract fresh attention. Often I’ll look at what the blogger has chosen and think “but I have better examples of this theme than the shot you chose”, but clearly they chose what they did for a reason, so who am I to argue? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

A few examples of where this has happened can be found at the following pages…

Every time I see one of these kinds of posts use one of my shots I find myself thinking “with the huge number of excellent shots out there from so many talented photographers, why on earth are you picking one of my images?”, but then I step back and realise that I’ve been picked by someone else with the same eye for things that I have (as I won’t share a shot if I don’t like it myself), and the more this happens the more I feel that I’m not so different from the other people out there after all…