Images by John 'K'

Life as seen through my lens…

Beautiful Day

After one of the wettest starts to the year that people around here can remember, Sunnyvale lives up to it’s name in magnificent style this weekend.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, so I hopped on my bike in the morning and went for a ride round part of the bay trail. The bay trail in Sunnyvale is all around the wetlands and lakes, and I found a part of the trail that goes right round one of the lakes.

So there I am, cycling around this lake; all I can see is trees and mountains in the distance, the wetlands and the lakes up close, there’s ducks, geese, ground squirrels all around, and as I’m riding round the trail through the tall grass, flocks of butterflies are escorting me. I’ve got the radio on in my ear, and out of the blue they start playing U2’s "Beautiful Day".

The only thing missing that could have made it any more perfect was my family (who are still stuck in England for another 2 months).


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