Images by John 'K'

Life as seen through my lens…

The team rocks!

So back in the UK we’re half way through getting our belongings packed up, and apart from a couple of stressed out arguements that I’ve heard or heard about, things seem to be going pretty well (despite some issues totally out of our control with the removal company).

The star of the team is my wife, who, as always, manages to pull of amazing things when the odds are stacked against her, and she’s been supported by Sarah, Paula, and Gemma. Sarah especially deserves thanks for the extra effort she’s put in over the past few days, especially as it comes after a somewhat disappointing 16th birthday last week (as a result of all of the activity around the move).

They’ve another day of packing to go, then as far as the move is concerned they can wind down for a bit.

Jan, Sarah, Paula and Gemma, you’re all amazing and I’m proud of you all.


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