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Now it’s my turn….

While nowhere near on the scale that my wife and kids have had earlier this week, I’ve started getting ready for my own move from the house I’ve rented a room in for the past 7 months to a family home a bit further afield.

I actually move in on Friday, but I have a busy work week coming up, so have just spent the afternoon packing all the stuff I know I won’t need away so I’ll have less work to do closer to the day.

After slowly filling the room with little things to make it seem a bit more homely, it seems sad putting it all away and having the bare minimum stuff around me. While I’m not a fan of total clutter (much to the disappointment of my wife, who seems to thrive on it), it seems strange not having all the little bits and pieces out on display.

I’m really looking forward to getting to the new house next week, but I’m also going to miss my landlord and his cat who have both become a part of my life over the past months. Well to be honest there are some aspects of his cat that I won’t miss, such as the early morning ‘get up and feed me my breakfast’ meowing, or the way he rubs past my computer and catches the reset button while I’m in the middle of something, but on the whole he’s OK.

It’s been an interesting 7 months (is it really that long – it doesn’t seem like it). One more then I can be joined by my family, and our new life starts.


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