Images by John 'K'

Life as seen through my lens…

It never rains…..

I think someone has it in for me.
My family have been here 2 weeks now, and the afternoon before we were to take Gemma and her boyfriend back to the airport to fly back to the UK, one of my daughters managed to block the toilet and have it flood the house (as along with being blocked, it wouldn’t stop flushing). Fortunately it’s covered by the property insurance and we are renting, but it means that for the next week or so we will have a procession of clean up people, contractors, decorators, capet fitters and assorted others while the damaged areas are stripped down, sanitized, dried out, repaired, and finally redecorated!
On top of all of that, my other daughter has lost her phone. We suspected that  it’d been packed up with the stuff that’s gone back to the UK with Gemma and her boyfriend, but seems that wasn’t the case, so we’ve no idea what happened there.

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