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After the flood…..

It’s been almost a week to the hour since the ‘flooding incident’ at the house (see earlier blog entry titled ‘It never rains….’). After 5 days, all of the dehumidifiers and fans are gone and we can hear ourselves think again. The place has been ripped apart and in the area of the flooding, carpet, ceiling, walls, and flooring have been removed and everything has been sanitized. It’s all dried out, and ready for reconstruction work to start.
The construction company called this morning to set up a time to start the next phase of the work, and that will hopefully be happening soon (I deferred the call to my wife as she’s home a lot more than me – hopefully she was OK with that [I’ll find out later]). Once the construction is over there’s the redecorating and the flooring (wood and carpet) all needs sorting out.
There’s also the matter of getting the power checked and certified as safe to be turned back on in the impacted area.
I imagine that we’re looking at another 2 weeks of work at least.
Amazing how much work a simple household accident can cause. 😦

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