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Even my daughters are nagging me……

It’s coming up for a month since I last did an update and even my daughters (who have previously moaned that I write too much) are nagging me to do an update……. so….
Not sure what to write. Work is still keeping me busy, the weather is getting better, my 16 year old is close to graduating High School, my 15 year old narrowly escaped a session of Summer School (but that sword still hangs over her until the end of the school year!). Petrol (sorry – gas) prices are still on the rise and my little Honda Civic is earning it’s keep nicely as a result.
We’re looking to move all of our computing infrastructure around at home because we need to use our spare room as a guest bedroom, and that has its own logistical issues. My mother-in-law is coming to visit us for 3 weeks in June.
We have a spate of movies coming out which between us we all want to see, so we’re expecting to be at the movies at least once a week for the next 6 weeks!
My wife is proceeding nicely with her ‘remodelling the back yard’ project, and the flower beds are looking like flower beds again, and there’s a bit of colour in the garden now!
Really not sure what else to mention right now, but to my girls – I’ve done my update, so stop nagging! 🙂
(BTW – 2 updates in 2 days now!) 🙂

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