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Thanks for 27 wonderful years…

This one’s for my wife.
As immigrants who have relatively recently moved to America, we’re not yet fully wrapped up in the whole Thanksgiving thing, but we obviously take advantage of the days off work, and we can relate to the wider underlying theme of Thanksgiving, which is to give thanks for family, friends, and the things that make life special.
So we had a strange Thanksgiving on Thursday, with 3 of us popping into San Francisco for the afternoon to visit a car show, and then a family meal in the evening, where we sat and gave thanks for the important things in our lives.
But I really needed to say a special Thank You to one very important person in my life – my wife. We’ve been married for 23 years – know one another for a bit over 27 years, and have been together for nearly 27 years. In all that time we’ve had our ups and downs, have brought 4 special girls into the world (yes I know we moan about them from time to time, but they are special in so many ways), and she’s followed me nearly half way around the world, leaving behind the world she knew and all her friends and family to follow my dream.
I love her more than I could ever say, and as a small token of my thanks we took some time away from our daughters and had a weekend to ourselves in San Francisco. The basic idea was I’d get us there, bring us back, get us a place to sleep, all the ‘infrastructure’ things, and she’d basically have the choice of what we did, where we went and so on. So we spent most of Saturday in Chinatown, and our time on Sunday before coming home down at Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39.
It was a wonderful weekend – so nice to see her happy and smiling and not caring about things at home or work for a couple of days, and I hope she enjoyed it as much as she seemed to (despite the lovely wet weather on Sunday).
Some pics from the weekend are up as an album.
Jan, I love you, and I don’t care how much of a nutter that makes me in your eyes. For as long as you want me around, I’m here for you.

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