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Life as seen through my lens…

The Queen comes to San Francisco…

Today we got to see the largest ship to ever sail in to the San Francisco bay. At just before 4pm local time the Cunard cruise liner Queen Mary 2 entered the bay, accompanied by what looked like hundreds of smaller vessels, and many helicopters, and to the delight of thousands of onlookers (including myself, wife and one of my daughters [the other one didn’t want to come and watch, saying "but it’s just a ship Dad"]) sailed under the Golden Gate (with about 30 foot clearance on the low tide).
She proceeded to sail past the crowds lining the shores of the bay, past Alcatraz, to moor up to the north of the Bay Bridge, before docking at San Francisco’s Pier 27.
What spectacle – nice to see the British can still produce something that can capture the imagination of the world in this day and age!

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