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A day at the aquarium.

A couple of years back, after being introduced to the place by a friend, I took out family membership at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and each year since then we have renewed that membership. Although it’s a bit of a drive, it has provided us and a steady stream of family and friends visiting us with many hours of enjoyment, and each time we’ve gone there something new has been added.
A few days ago we received a reminder of a members only event. The aquarium has been working on a major new exhibit about otters, and it opens to the general public on March 31, but as members we were invited to a preview opening. Judging by the interest shown by the members who turned up yesterday, I can only think this new exhibit will be a major success for them. We loved it, and the otters are soooooo cute!
If you’re within driving distance of Monterey, or visiting the area at any stage, make sure to visit the aquarium – it is well worth the money you’ll spend on the entrance fee!
As you are probably coming to expect with me by now, some pics are in my photo albums

One response to “A day at the aquarium.

  1. Maria March 22, 2007 at 1:08 am

    Cool, can\’t wait to go next time!!!

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