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Needs random funny title….

Haven’t done one of these for a bit – been very busy with work – but I thought it was about time I said something here before I get moaned at for my silence… 🙂
Since January it’s been pretty much business as usual for us – no major news to speak of, and no major problems either. We’ve hit the rainy season which has put a bit of a hold on some of our weekend trips out, but we managed to head over to the coast for the long Presidents’ Day weekend and spent a fun afternoon mooching around Half Moon Bay on a pleasant but slightly chilly Sunday. We also had a pretty spectacular view of the recent lunar eclipse, and we spotted what we think is a female golden eagle in a nearby tree while out in our back yard and managed to get a couple of pics before it flew off. (if you know what type of bird it is that we captured, do let me know)
The basketball season is now over for our youngest daughter, and she had the pleasure of scoring the final basket of the final game against their local high school rival team in an away game, so she was really happy about that!
Not really got much else to say right now – we’re getting more excited about our trip to China that is now just under a month away – we have our visitor’s visas, have received the final itinerary, and there is the possibility of some interesting changes at work for me in the next month, but more on that as I know the details.
For now that’s it – probably the shortest update I’ve done here in a while…. 🙂

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