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Sometimes we focus on the wrong things…

I’m on Facebook. I’m there so I can more easily keep in touch with my family who are spread around the globe, and more recently I’ve started to share some of my photography there, but I’ve added a collection of friends and acquaintances as “friends” too.

In watching their updates, I often wonder what it is that makes people want to share their every thought and action on a site such as Facebook, where pretty much everyone can read what you put out there.

Without naming names, here are a few examples of the stuff I see…

“Experimenting with my big top cupcake again today…there is nutella involved.”
“Just discovered his X-box 360 has a free version of Pandora on it! OMG, I can do chores now!!!”
“Felt like tbe biggest asshole filling up my SUV”
“: ]”
“suppose I should get on with this ironing!”
“just seen Captain Glamtastic is at the club in October – will he… won’t he….??????”
“Seattle. Spa time.”
“bad dream :(“
“your phone being off doesn’t make it as special dude”

These are just from the past few hours…. and this is without all of the game updates (which I block the moment I see a new one).

Are people really that bored that they can find nothing else to do than post this cr*p to the world? For Pete’s sake people, get a hold of yourselves. Get outside and see what the real world is like. Go take a walk or a hike or a bike-ride. Go and check in on an old neighbor and make sure they are OK. At the very least, if you’re going to post cr*p, at least make sure you’ve spelled it correctly!

Oh… and use some common sense in what you post too. Don’t post personal details (phone number, address, stuff like that) and then go telling everyone that you’ll be away from home for the next 2 weeks on vacation. That’s just an open-house invite for all the low-lifes near you!

Also, do people realize that a search of someone’s profile on Facebook is becoming one of the standard things that potential employers do before they will consider looking at a job applicant?

Facebook is a great tool if used correctly, but so many people are blind to how it can be used against you, and it’s all because they focus on the wrong things…


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