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A day in the life…

A day in the life…, originally uploaded by Images by John ‘K’.

As a child brought up on a diet of 1970’s British TV, I have fond memories of Johnny Morris and in particular his show Animal Magic. In the show he would introduce viewers to animals around the world and would often give the animals human characteristics as he interacted with them.

His love of nature the wild and the desire to have his viewers relate to the wonderful creatures he had them mirror human situations often resulted in some of the best comedy on children’s TV and was compelling viewing for young and old.

As my love for photographing wildlife grew, I found myself adding captions to many of my photos in a way that was clearly inspired by my childhood love of Johnny Morris and Animal Magic, as can be seen here, with a series of photos capturing the interaction between a young Bald Eagle hatched this year and its mother (as watched from 900 feet away)!


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