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Last week saw the passing of my 50th birthday. In the run-up to the day I had the usual probes about gift ideas from certain family members, but as there really isn’t much I actually wanted to receive, apart from a couple of specific suggestions, my response was “I don’t know, surprise me”.

Well, they certainly lived up to expectations, but not in the best of ways. My 4-year-old granddaughter was the only one who really seemed to get it. She (bless her), knowing I liked Star Wars and was partial to the odd game of Angry Birds Star Wars chose a plush Angry Birds Star Wars toy, wrapped in Star Wars paper. and in the few days since my Birthday we have had fun hurling it at one another.

I won’t pick on my wife – she has her own challenges right now, and at least she had the thought to latch on to the one piece of photography gear that I said I needed and to claim that as her present to me.

My daughters though… well I know that two of them live back in the UK and budgets are tight, but did I even see a card from them? not yet! I know in this world of the Internet and Facebook people think all that is needed is a nice message on your wall and that is “good enough”. Well perhaps for acquaintances that’s OK, but for your parents, for their 50th Birthday? Surely you make a little bit of an effort?

As for the two that live here with me (yes, still WITH ME – that’s a whole other rant that I won’t get on to now), what did I get? A movie (but I had to tell her which one) and a chunk of money that I can put towards “whatever I want”. Not wishing to sound ungrateful, but what I wanted was for those close to me, those who I have managed to think of something meaningful to give to them every year since they were born, to use a few seconds to think of something meaningful and special to give to their dad on his 50th birthday. Heck – if a 4 year old could manage it, they have no excuse.

As you get older it’s the thought more than anything else that matters, but I guess ultimately I got what I asked for. I asked for them to surprise me, and they certainly did, just not in the way I was expecting.


2 responses to “Surprise me…

  1. Jean Has Been Shopping September 30, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    Belated Happy 50th Birthday to you.
    I have to admit, when my husband hit the big five-oh, I froze. Funny you mention Angry Birds because that is the only special thing we did was to attempt to make an Angry Bird cake. Made up for it at 51 though with a collection of letters I had solicited from all of his friends and family. Maybe your loved ones will come through for your 51st too.

    • John 'K' September 30, 2013 at 4:20 pm

      Thank you Jean… Anything is possible 😉 At least you attempted to make a cake – I didn’t even get that. I grant you we go out for a meal, but we do that for everyone’s birthday every year! Oh well. What’s 50 but a number?

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