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Excellent Customer Service – B&H Photo Video Pro Audio…


Homework time, originally uploaded by Images by John ‘K’.

If you’re looking for a supplier of photographic equipment with excellent customer service, buy from B&H Photo Video Pro Audio.

I purchased a new D7000 from them a little over 2 weeks ago. After doing some testing I noticed it had a rather prominent dust spec on the sensor that was showing up on certain types of shot. They have a 15 day return policy and I was just outside that, but they offered a return/replacement (which might take up to 2 weeks).

When I said about being without my camera for that time they offered a “buy a new one and get a refund on the old one” deal where I could hang on to the old one until the new one arrived, then ship the old one back for a refund (they would cover all shipping so no overall net cost to me).

Because that would have meant an extra temporary charge of $1500 to my credit card I asked about other alternatives. They said I could get the sensor cleaned professionally at a local repairer and then send them the bill for a refund/credit.

Chances are the dust is there through something I did in the first 2 weeks of ownership but that they’d do this for a customer speaks volumes to their customer service attitude. I’ve been buying stuff from them for at least 4 years and will be continuing for as long as I can!