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What the f*ck?

I’ve been missing in action from here for a while… real life (a summer of volunteering, work, family, and a failing attempt to try and get some work/life balance) has resulted in me having no time (or inclination) to post stuff here… so it’s time to break my silence with a little rant!

I had promised myself to not make any kind of political statement out on the internet, but as the latest round of pre-election party campaigning has just landed directly in my inbox, I think it’s time to say something.

I guess the Republican Party is either desperate, worried, running short on money, or all of the above and more…. I just received an e-mail spam message from them asking me to rally behind the Republican Team and donate money to them.

In the message they say “This is a time for us to come together as a nation, and move past the divisiveness and bitterness we’ve seen over the last four years.” My response to that is… WHO THE F*CK WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THAT DIVISIVENESS AND BITTERNESS? It sure wasn’t the Democrats? The Republican Party stood in the way of pretty much EVERYTHING that Obama has tried to do over the past 4 years despite attempts to reach compromise. It’s no wonder we are where we are, because the Republican Party has basically allowed the country to get into this mess by blocking everything that would have helped get it out of that mess, on the grounds of holding a party line regardless of the consequences, as opposed to doing what might actually help this country.

I can’t vote in this election, because this country, rightly or wrongly, only allows citizens (as opposed to legal permanent residents) to vote, but if I could I certainly wouldn’t be voting Republican, and I’m sure as heck not donating $50 to your fund! You have more than enough money anyway!

Feel free to comment or not as you see fit – I’m not going to respond to anything whether I agree with it or not! This is me having a little rant – I’m not looking for debate!