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Going green in B&W: Dealing with an inspirational blockage

Going green in B&W, originally uploaded by Images by John ‘K’.

If you’ve been following my work, you’ll know that I love to shoot nature. Flowers, the animals in our back yard, the sights we see around us while hiking, and so on… but every now and again I look at the beauty around me and see nothing that I feel the urge to shoot. It’s like I’ve seen it all already – why do I want to shoot it again.

Get me in one of those moments, add in a busy work schedule, and sprinkle liberally with some family “fun” and you have a recipe for a photographer’s block.

I hit one of these earlier this week – I couldn’t think of anything worthy of picking up my camera for, and for someone who has in the past made a point of shooting something every day no matter what, it was a strange feeling to have.

So last night I was sat at my desk, looking up at the ceiling as I tried to compose some thoughts for a presentation I was writing for work, and there above me was this CFL bulb. I looked at the shape and uniform light and suddenly felt the urge to try and capture it. I fired off a few hand-held shots, pulled them into Photoshop, had a play, and this was the end result.

The moral of this little ramble is… if you have hit a block and are lacking inspiration, look at something you wouldn’t normally shoot and just experiment.