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Watching the sun set on a world of inequality…

Today is a good day. The US Supreme court has acknowledged that the Federal government has no right to see a union between a same sex couple as different to a union between a mixed sex couple. Love is love, regardless of who that love is for.

I posted my feelings about this in a brief but appropriate message to Facebook earlier this morning, to which one of my old friends from the UK asked me “is there anything you want to tell us John?”

My response was this…

“For sure.. that I believe everyone should be treated the same, regardless of race, color, sex, or sexual orientation. Any law that enforces a difference in treatment is a law that we don’t need. Some of my best friends here are gay/lesbian. Why should my love for and commitment to my partner be recognised legally but theirs not be?”

With today’s ruling, I hope we truly are seeing the sun set on a world of inequality.