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The joy of collaboration

This past week has reminded me what a joy it is to collaborate with creative endeavors. It started with a simple favor for a friend, where I helped restore the original colors on a photo taken of some awesome fabric-work, and I then worked with the fabric artist to insert one of my full moon photos into the piece.

Silver Moon, redux

… and then over the weekend I was asked by a local art gallery to photograph a visiting artist as he worked on an exhibition piece. At one point he seemed to be wondering how to proceed with the piece, and so I offered a suggestion. We discussed the relative aesthetics of my suggestion for a while, and then he started to paint it in, seeing how it would look, knowing that if he didn’t like it he could alter the work to something different.

The more he painted and the more the image took shape, the more he and I liked what was emerging on the canvas. It was amazing to watch this artist take the idea and turn it into something visual in a way you just can’t do with light and pixels. Knowing that he’d taken my ideas and used them in the final piece makes a connection to the work that is very personal for me.

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