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Time flies when you’re having fun

It seems only days ago that I was contemplating being back in the UK in 4 weeks, but it’s now a week and a day before I fly back to the UK, and a little over 2 weeks before we all come back here to live.
I think I’ve done everything I need to (or can) do here before the family arrive, but I’m sure something will come up at the last minute that I’ve forgotten – life’s good at throwing little curve-balls at me like that. The next challenge therefore is making sure that we do everything we need to in the week I’m in the UK so we can make a clean exit.
Once that is out of the way, then the fun really starts!
I guess part of the reason the time seems to have flow by is that I’ve been occupied chasing up on stupid things like a postal service that believed the house I’ve moved into was still unoccupied even after I’d been there for 2 weeks and had specifically told the local delivery depot that I was there.
They were still returning mail to the senders with a ‘house vacant’ message, so I’ve had a load of following up on that to deal with. Before I got the message across, I’ve made 2 calls to the local office, been in and spoken directly to them, registered a redirect from my old (temporary) address to the new one, left notes in the mailbox explaining that I am there, and I even resorted to sending myself a letter, with the return address also listed as the new address, with a big note on the back saying that THE HOUSE IS OCCUPIED BY ME!
I think they finally got the message properly though, as along with my letter to myself, I had my first piece of ‘proper’ mail arrive yesterday. I hope it continues, as the delivery guy on this week isn’t the normal one for the route (he’s on holiday this week), so I might need to repeat some of these activities again next week (I hope not though!).
Funny how it’s always the little things that cause the most work!

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