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Settling down

On the home front things are slowly getting back to normal. The bathroom where the problem all began is now fully restored. The carpetting has now been fully replaced and upstairs now just needs a small lick of paint and then it can be put back to normal. Downstairs the wooden flooring still needs to be completed, but that is scheduled to happen tomorrow. As such, we expect the house to be back to normal next week, and at that time we can start unpacking the stuff that’s been left in boxes for the past 2 months and finish settling in.
We have also become a 2-car family again. Even though my wife has yet to take her California driving test (nag nag ), the commute between Pleasanton and Sunnyvale every day in a 3.8 litre gas-guzzling SUV somehow doesn’t make sense, so at the weekend we got a pre-owned (Honda certified) 2004 Civic coupe at a price less than the blue book recommended. It’s in superb condition, runs really well, and only had 21,500 miles on the clock. This should half my monthly fuel costs for the commute .

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