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Life as seen through my lens…

Life is getting better…

Not moaning for a change….. 🙂
The house is all repaired, we’re getting unpacked and straightening things out, and it’s feeling more like a lived in home than just a place to stay. The commute to work is starting to get easier, especially as now I can ride-share with a colleague who lives about 1/2 mile from where we are, and being able to use the carpool lane takes about 15-20 minutes off the journey! The little Civic is costing me about half of what the Mitsubishi cost to run for the commute (so a month’s travel to/from work will now set me back about $100 before I factor in any contributions from the guy I’m riding in with), work is keeping me busy and, and in 2 weeks time I go to see U2 in Oakland.
In addition, we have started making steps towards getting green-carded so we can stay here in America long term, and my wife now has her work permit and her SSN and driving license are in the works.
All starting to settle down and become a bit more ‘normal’……

One response to “Life is getting better…

  1. evil little monkey October 27, 2005 at 4:21 am

    glad to hear things are sorting them selves out at your end. things are getting better here house wise its almost all sorted, am just having problems of another kind now.a well ill livegemma xx

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