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Gotta do this more often

Has it really been over 2 months since I last updated this – where the heck has the time gone?
So – what’s happened in my life since the last update – well we had our first Christmas without the whole family being able to get together – that was a rather strange/subdued affair. We had our first new-year away from family and friends, and that too was a rather subdued affair, but we did at least manage to get a few neighbours around for that.
My youngest daughter has continued to play basketball for the highschool girls freshman team, and they’ve still not lost a game (in fact I believe they are now guaranteed first place for the championship). My elder daughter here looks like she  is coming to terms with the fact that she starts college in the fall (autumn). My wife continues to be a ‘lady of leasure’, which is fine so long as she remains happy with the idea of us renting the place where we live. Mind you, we’re not going to buy anything unless we know we can stay in the US for a reasonable period of time, and that won’t happen until we have our green cards.
January passed way too quickly, the SuperBowl wasn’t that super, and it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow…. and… it’s a long weekend this coming weekend (yipee)…
I’m also contemplating my US tax return and feeling more than a bit thankful that this year I can use the services of a tax consultant and have them paid for by the company I work for.
My Mum back in England has been very unwell for the past month – she spent some time in hospital with a multitude of problems, but has now been discharged. She’s also moved from the house she’d lived in for ages (I was born there and I’m 42 so gives you some idea!) into a smaller place in a sheltered complex for the elderly about a mile from where she was living. My sister spent a lot of time over the past month helping my Mum through all of this, and was supported by my brother, and other members of their families – thanks to all who helped there – I felt so useless being stuck this side of the Atlantic!
The weather here has been lovely – last few days have been warm and sunny (warmer than is typical for this time of year). Today is a bit more ‘normal’, but much nicer than what I would have had were I still in the UK.
Oh well – work is still keeping me busy, so I’d better get back to it.
I’ll try and do another update soon!

One response to “Gotta do this more often

  1. Sarah_Jane February 15, 2006 at 6:37 pm

    Hello Daddy,
    Well you\’re a sad person for even watching the Superbowl.

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