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Must Keep Mouth Shut…..

So in my last entry I said that the weather had been nice and unseasonably warm…..
Well guess what – a few days after that, a cold front hits the bay area, it snowed on the higher ground last Friday (YES, SNOW IN THE BAY AREA – see if you don’t believe me!), and it’s gone very cold. I had to scrape a good layer of frost from the car windshield this morning, and the heating is working overtime (PG&E [energy] bill will most likely be high again this month 😦 ).
I’m soooooo looking forward to Spring getting here!
Mind you, I suppose all of this was to get us in the right frame of mind for a trip to the cinema that we had yesterday – we went to see ‘Eight Below’. If you like animal films, or fimls where people (and/or animals) struggle against the hand that God has dealt them, go see it. It’s a bit graphic at times – you might have some interesting conversations with younger children as a result of the dogs struggle to find food, or why humans put themselves above anything else, but it’s very well done, and there were times where it left me with a tear in my eye.

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