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Life as seen through my lens…

Some may wonder…..

Some may wonder why I document some of the stuff I do in a blog entry that could be read by many people, especially when the content is of a personal nature.
There are three main reasons I do this.
The first is that it’s s sort of therapy for me. If I dump it here, it makes me think about what I’m putting and stops me from ranting inappropriately at people.
The second is that in the modern world, people are more likely to pay attention to stuff put out this way (sad I know but that’s the way things are heading).
The last is that while some of the issues may seem personal, I’m sure we’re not the only family living through such problems, and if me sharing some of this with others helps someone deal better with a situation they are struggling with, then that’s a good thing.
I’d encourage anyone who reads my entries and who feels that they are inappropriate for such a forum to let me know, but until someone does, I’ll be continuing this style of entry.

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