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And now for the summer……

My daughters have finished their first year of schooling in America. It’s been an interesting experience and we’ve all learned a lot.My daughters have had to change and adapt to a different schooling system, they’ve learned new subjects, and a different view on some things they thought they already new, and they’ve learned to make new friends and to enjoy their school life. In the case of one of them, she learned this a bit later than we would have liked, but she got there.
For one of my daughters, she started as a freshman, with 4 years of high school life ahead of her. She’s outgoing, mixes well, and loves sports, and so got into the freshman girls basketball team (who didn’t loose a match all year – there are some photos in an album I’ve just put up). She’s a bright kid, but can be easily distracted, which unfortunately is what happened with a couple of her subjects, so while getting good grades in most subjects, she’s now facing the start of her summer vacation with summer school in English of all things.
For my other daughter, she took some time to get used to the system and to make new friends, and what hasn’t helped is that she was from an age perspective a year or two behind her peers in senior year. She joined the class of 2006 in its final (senior) year, so as well as adapting to a new system, learning new subjects, and making new friends, she also had all of the activities of a high school senior year to contend with – at times it looked like she’d joined a social club rather than a school. Despite a number of challenges along the way, she finished her final (and only) high school year in America with style, and proudly joined her fellow graduating classmates yesterday (also put an album up with some photos from the day).
As a parent, while our children have caused us some trials and tribulations, I feel proud of what our girls have achieved this year. Yes OK there was room for improvement, but they have both risen up to the challenges, taken/accepted responsibility for their actions, and while there are still things that need doing, they should take some time to look back on the past year and reflect with pride on exactly what they have achieved over this past year.
For one, there is the uknown path of further education ahead of her. For the other, there is the continuation of her journey through high school. I wish them both well as they face their future. Enjoy the summer break (even with summer school), and be ready to start refreshed when it ends.

One response to “And now for the summer……

  1. Lynne June 17, 2006 at 12:21 pm

    Hello John:
           Just ran across your blog while cruising the updated spaces page and got interested in your sagas of family life. It sounds as though you\’re weathering the adolescent years as well as any parent does, and doing it with grace and humor. As the parent of grown children, I can appreciate your troubles and joys. Your "am I a bad parent\’ blog made me remember certain discussions with my own three offspring; by the way, most of us have had financial issues of one sort or another, and self-centeredness is a teenage trait everywhere. Your daughter is not unique, and I think you\’re handling things quite well.
       It must be a bit difficult for all involved to pick up and come to another country, start new jobs and new schools, live in a different house and learn a whole new culture. Although you didn\’t have to learn another language, I\’m sure there are other things that are quite odd to you, just as I\’m sure I\’d find some things strange in England. I hope you\’re finding your way here and getting to feel "at home" in the states. Please feel free to drop by my space any time!

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