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Another year older…

If you’ve checked in to look at my space since the last time I’ve written an update you might have noticed a couple of photo album additions. About a month ago (on 20 September), Livermore Airport held their annual "open house". It is listed as the 11th busiest airport in California, and they play host for a variety of craft. The day was a free event, with many pilots showing off their aircraft, and also included a demonstration "rescue" by a coast-guard rescue helicopter. It was a wonderful opportunity to get some photos, and I took full advantage of that (as you can see here)! Talking to some of the owner/pilots there, it was clear that they all shared a pride not only of their craft, but also of the facility, and for a small airport it is very well equipped.
While we were there, my wife purchased a few raffle tickets, and on Monday received a call to say she’d won not one but two prizes – a $25 gift voucher for Oakland A’s stuff (we don’t follow baseball, but I’m sure we can put it to good use for something), and for a flight in a Cessna. She hasn’t decided what she’s going to do with that yet, but I’d love to be on hand with my camera if she chooses to use it for herself. 🙂
On the Sunday before my birthday we were flicking around the TV channels and stumbled on a broadcast of a concert that happened last year from a band that my wife and I still enjoy from our earlier years. It was a recording of a concert played by the band Genesis and was filmed in Rome. With a big screen, multi-speaker sound system, and armed with a drink or two, we sat and watched and re-lived some old memories (we’d seen Genesis a few times while in England).
The following weekend saw me get another year older. I’d sowed very few seeds as gift ideas in the run-up, but my daughters here got me the one thing I really needed (a new wallet as my old one – also a present – was starting to fall apart). In fact they ended up getting me two as they couldn’t decide whether I’d want brown or black. They also got me a couple of silk ties, and given I only wear a tie about twice a year now that’s me set for the next 12 months. 🙂 My wife, feeding off the previous Sunday, got me all the Genesis albums, remastered, in 2 boxed sets. I say all but there’s a 3rd boxed set to come – it’s not available yet! My elder two daughters (at the suggestion of my wife) got me the game Spore. Someone has described the game as… "Spore is like crack… only slightly more addictive" and they are right. I spent the next week glued to the game, bringing a variety of life forms up from single celled organisms to races capable of exploring the universe. I’ve found earth, and even met Steve in the center of the universe (get the game and play it and you’ll understand!). A sad moment came early during the week after my birthday when I received a card from England, sent by my brother-in-law, but written in advance by my sister (God bless her).
As a part of my present from my wife, when we went to watch the fleet week air displays in San Francisco last week, we had preferential seating right by the edge of the bay at Marina Green. The day was beautiful – clear skies, no fog, warm – and the nearly 5 hours of acrobatic flying over the bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge was spectacular – so much so that I took over 1200 pictures (and only had to throw away 6 because they came out badly!). I’ve posted a "small selection" 🙂 here
Anyway – life continues – I’m another year into mine. We continue to work through issues with our two youngest daughters (one who spends more than she earns and is now on a recovery plan, and the other who seems unable to follow simple instructions to let us know where she’s going to be and to update us if plans change and who as a result went 2 weeks grounded and without transport). Back in England, thanks to the coordination of my wife and the ongoing efforts of our eldest daughter and her husband, our house is now ready for occupancy, and this weekend will see a new family take residence. …and this afternoon will see us at the first competition for our youngest daughter since she started Color guard for her senior year (after 3 years of basketball). No doubt I’ll have more to say on that (and possibly the odd picture or two 🙂 ) later.

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  1. Mary October 18, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Happy Birthday!!! And many blessings for the day!
    By the way, awesome photos.  Thank you for sharing them.

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