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From radio personality to movie director in 6 months…

Hooman Khallili, originally uploaded by Images by John ‘K’.

Who would have though that one of a cast of characters on a morning radio talk show broadcast to the San Francisco Bay Area would go to being the driving force behind an independently financed and produced feature film in less than 6 months.

The upcoming movie “Olive” is the first to be totally shot on a cellphone, totally conceived, funded, shot, and produced without any involvement of a major studio, and if all goes well it’ll be in a theater near you (well near me anyway) before the end of the year.

Even as full news of this broke on the Sarah and Vinnie show on Radio Alice I didn’t believe it’d really come to much, but as I watched the 5 minute intro that they’ve posted, and as I dug around to find out more about the movie and what Hooman and his team has tried to achieve here I changed from being highly skeptical to being a supporter of the project, even to the point of pitching a little to help back it.

Hooman, I hope your project succeeds and gets wide visibility. I’m sure there will be people that knock your movie, but you have shown that anyone with an idea and a drive and commitment to make it happen can truly live the dream. Lets see if those that criticize can do anything even half-way as impressive as what you’ve pulled off with “Olive”.

Go check out, and if you feel this is something you might enjoy, help it get the visibility it deserves by visiting

(The photo was taken at the recording of a “Sarah and Vinnie Live Secret Show” at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco earlier this year)


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